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Omar Yousaf

Product Manager with extensive background in consulting, project management, and executing client projects from end to end throughout their full lifecycle. Also experienced working with data & marketing analytics tools, and skilled in programming languages such as JavaScript, Python and SQL for application development and data analysis.

The Story

I know what you might be thinking: Consulting? DJing? Music? CODING? Is this guy serious? Absolutely. Allow me to explain.


After graduating from UT Austin in 2015, I joined the “dark side” and worked for the 9th largest professional services firm in the world, Crowe.  For the next five years – I focused on examining massive amounts of data to tell stories to our clients and provide easy to read visuals for Executive leaders. I did this by leveraging my skills in Excel, Python and Tableau, to clean and manipulate data.  Our team also interviewed our client’s leadership teams to assess their internal culture and measure their compliance risk against government expectations and other leading practice organizations.  A mouthful? Kind of, but extremely fun and exciting!


My second role was a Project Manager for our Coding Compliance team – a group of 10 veteran healthcare coding auditors generating $2.5 million of revenue annually.  It was my job to collaborate to ensure they stayed on budget, followed project plans to execution, met goals and timelines, and provided excellent result to our clients.


I followed my Managing Partner and left my job at Crowe at the end of 2019 to co-found his new consulting practice, Zeko Consulting. I was tasked with the strategy and operations of his firm and the creation of a custom line of internal work products for our different services. I continued honing my technical skills and am now well versed in multiple coding languages as well as analytical tools.  The firm would end up getting integrated into a large law firm in March 2020 and I decided to leave and focus full-time on developing my newfound coding skills.  I completed three Udemy courses focused on Python, Web Development and JavaScript.  Now, I am growing these skills with Springboard's Software Engineering Bootcamp, an 800-hour curriculum combined with industry mentorship, a class cohort, and four large capstone projects.


Finally, I have a large passion for music, entertainment media and optimizing it all with data! 

As a college student, I started DJing and built a business. I learned how to make connections in a large campus and build a network that would allow me to become a successful DJ for the next decade.

I also ventured into start creating my own original hip-hop music in 2017 – which can be heard on all streaming platforms (search for “O Fresh” – each stream contributes $.005 to my cat’s food fund).  I learned how to optimize metrics inside of social analytics and marketing platforms such Google Analytics, AdWords, YouTube Analytics, and the core capabilities of social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) to drive customers to my music and build the “O Fresh” brand.  We now generate 40,000 streams per month, a 30% increase from the year prior, and that is due to targeting the right markets with the right ads, campaigns, music and merchandise… and making some great musical content!


I explain these experiences to show the extra steps I take to learn and practice skills first hand - whether it be coding, analytics, marketing, or even music - and to present examples of how dedicated I am about the work I do. When we talk, I can assure you that you will feel and hear the passion and determination I bring to the table and I want to bring that passion to every endeavor I am a part of. 


Thank you for your time, and please do not hesitate to reach out!


Omar Yousaf 


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